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Obama's Cairo Speech Intentionally Spawned Islamist Anti-West Holocaust

"And that’s why, two years ago in Cairo, I began to broaden our engagement based upon mutual interests and mutual respect. I believed then -– and I believe now -– that we have a stake not just in the stability of nations, but in the self-determination of individuals. The status quo is not sustainable." (Full speech here)

-- Barack Hussein Obama May 19, 2011

Obama's heinously unconscionable, unconstitutional, America's-interests-be-damned statement is morally identical to a deranged Fire Chief stating: "while I have an interest in putting out fires, I have also an interest in assisting congenital arsonists, so inclined, to start fires that will destroy entire nations, regions and beyond."

Given the fact that for the past 30 years, Hosni Mubarak warned every American administration that without his strong handed suppression of violent radical muslim jihadists -- and specifically the Muslim Brotherhood and their commitment to revolution and their goal to implement sharia law in Egypt and across the Middle East -- that Egypt would fall to radical Islamists, then Obama's words above are a full admission that:

1 - Obama fully weighed, understood and embraced the fact that his "A NEW BEGINNING" Cairo speech, June 4, 2009, would likely result in Middle East revolution and the overthrow of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak by the radical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood.

2 - Obama was willing to sacrifice the stability of Egypt, ergo, the Middle East, ergo, the World in order to fulfill his life-long goal of freeing the Islamist world from the stabilization of semi-secular peaceful-muslim-tolerant governance.

3 - Obama is guilty of instigating and unleashing the Middle East holocaust now spreading genocide, religiocide and sharia law from Tunis to Tehran.

4 - As Obama's 2009 Cairo speech is achieving its intended consequences, ostensibly, Obama feels no compunction to chastise or to even redirect the Islamic revolution that he detonated that day at Cairo University.

Textbook Alinsky: "Never a word of admonishment, when things are going your way"

This admission by Obama is an admission to a criminal, or insane, action more contrary to the interests of a nation than anything ever committed by any leader of any nation in history. A destabilized Egypt means a destabilized Middle East which necessarily means a destabilized world. I knew this then, and now we have proof that Obama knew this then and that destabilization for the sake of individual Muslim Brotherhood Islamist jihadists' self-determination.

On June 4, 2009, at Cairo University -- with President Mubarak sequestered, on Obama's command, at Koubbeh Palace six miles away, and with ten representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood sitting in honor as Obama's mandated special guests -- Obama swung open the doors to the radical Islamist holocaust now obliterating the West-allied governments of most Middle East nations. Obama's ill-conceived cocktail of clandestine subterfuge and direct intervention, from month to month and nation to nation, is now reproducing the 1979 Iranian Islamist nightmare but on an apocalyptic scale heretofore reserved only for the most cataclysmic of Hollywood's "end of days" sci-fi films.

No joke.

Welcome to Obama's Islamist Revolution: fundamentally transforming the Middle East, from patriarchal backwater to nuclear armed fully revived Islamic Caliphate, 1000 fold more meaningfully deranged, determined and dangerous.

Welcome to Obama's thermonuclear version of 800 A.D. where 1 billion reunited muslims -- that want all non-muslims either muslim or dead -- now have the power, the oil and the means to make that happen.


As Nero fiddled, Rome burned. As Carter planned, Iran fell. As Obama golfed, fomented and conspired, pro-western Middle East was overthrown by radical Islamists seeking regional and world domination.

A radical, by definition, chooses easy, nefarious, hostile and violent methods in place of working diligently and patiently within bounds to intellectually persuade and build constructive rationale, regardless of source, to advance society.

In Egypt, given the now irrefutable evidence, it is unavoidable: Obama chose revolution for revolution's sake.

If Obama had chosen constructive peaceful change in Egypt all he needed was to pull the 'money string' and Mubarak would have danced like the well trained and well paid dictator/monkey he's been since taking office in 1981. Despite ObamaMedia stories to the contrary, Mubarak has ultimately done exactly what America wanted for the past 30 years. Predictably, compliance and Mubarak's subordination had no chance of satisfying Obama's megalomania, juvenile-onset abandonment sociopathy or his lingering life-long allegiance to Islam.

Obama's ideology and political purpose are diametrically opposed to continuing the de facto colonialism of propping up pro-western 'imperialist' aligned governments, an essential tenet of radical Islam and Marxism. Obama -- as if inexorably bound to the Alinsky manifesto -- purposely sought to foment dissension against the standing Egyptian authority and actively conspired with extremists, directly leading to the world changing revolution now spreading death, destruction and instability across the Middle East.

Here, the smoking gun, courtesy of Wikileaks, definitively proves Obama effectively ordered the clandestine overthrow of Mubarak’s government by direct involvement with Egyptian revolutionaries.

A 20 year veteran of Reverend Wright's radical-embracing (intimately tied to Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam), western-hating congregation would be inclined to wreak far more havoc than just the bankrupting and collapse of America's economy and the institution of socialist government rationed medicine. Obama is after the whole shebang: arrogant America's collapse and oppressed Islam's ascension.

Except for being a fool on most issues, Obama is no fool.

The worst possible nightmare scenario of this marxist, anti-colonialism-obsessed, radical-masquerading-as-president is now beginning to unfold.

Obama could not have been more calculating (and now we know) more reckless in making his first major international speech an 'I am you' address to the Muslim world at Cairo University on June 4, 2009.

Unknown only to non-Arabic speaking denyists, when Obama proclaimed at the beginning of his Cairo speech: "Assalaamu alaykum" (May the peace and mercy of Allah be with you) he announced to the entire Muslim world 'I am one of you and I am with you'. ( 'Assalaamu alaykum' is a sacred greeting used almost only between Muslims. The Muslim audience at Cairo University reacted euphorically to Obama's Muslim greeting, because they believed him.)

The catastrophically provacative Cairo speech was Obama's "Tear Down This Wall" moment. His long awaited exhortation to "rise up" to the long oppressed Islamist world. Like Reagan's 1987 speech to Gorbachev to give up and, more importantly, to Polish freedom fighters to rise up and eventually overthrow the oppressive Polish Communist government, so Obama's Cairo speech was a blatant rebuke of radical-Islam-oppressing Mubarak and, more importantly, a green light to Middle East Muslims that America was now, under Obama, more aligned with the ruled than the ruler, that as the President of the United States, Obama, was more aligned with practicing Muslims than the secular decades-long American-puppet Mubarak.

For the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood and subjugated muslim's everywhere, Obama's speech was a neon flashing invitation to party like it's 899. Nine days later, Tehran Muslims filled the streets expecting that Obama's words of revolution would translate to assistance with their revolution.

Obama's speech showed his full embrace of Muslim aspirations and frustrations and was an implicit condoning of the well understood and long feared only alternative: to throw off their oppression however possible. Obama's 2009 unconstrained hour long humiliation of Mubarak in Mubarak's front yard was tantamount to dropping a grenade in a bomb depot, and every mind-blown Egyptian, though dazed and confused, understood the message. (Obama demanded Muslim Brotherhood be at the speech and barred Mubarak from attending).

Cairo University students and their internet intercourse was the fanatically fertile womb that gestated Obama's seed of revolution and no one with even the most rudimentary understanding of Egypt, the Middle East and Muslim radicalism could not possibly not understand that Obama's open handed slap of Mubarak's constraints on freedoms was blatant foment that could only wrought this now unstoppable carnage to decades old "colonialism-style' stability of oppressor over the need-to-be-oppressed-for-world-stability.

Obama's Cairo speech, masterfully crafted, drawing on his lifelong Muslim experience and wielding his unprecedented power, ascended Obama to quasi leadership of at least the subjugated Muslim world, a messiah for the oppressed easily organized 'unionizable' Muslims, if you will. Obama's allegiance to the Alinsky ideology of radicalism over rationale was just too tempting and easy and clandestine in far away Egypt for his Muslim affinities to resist.

We now know, for at least the past 18 months, Obama and his administration surreptitiously worked to overthrow the government of America's most important ally in the Arab world, when in fact a couple of Blair House style 'our way or the highway' meetings with Mubarak would have achieved all the democracy non-radical Egyptians ever dreamed of, in a matter of months. Our 'American-Castro-on-Crack' has literally helped set the Middle East ablaze with his egomaniacal and ideologic pathology.

At this time in history, with Islamic fascist tyranny threatening to overtake the Middle East, destablizing the world, Obama's Cairo speech and his preceding and subsequent actions could not have been more ill-conceived, more irresponsible or more directly responsible for the Egypt/Middle East Islamist Revolution and the resulting needless death and destruction.

Or more contrary to the interests of America and western civilization.

Here, even Dan Rather gets it:
(site has been deleted, video of Rather interview not located)