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Obama's Political Birth Father:
Bill Ayers, America Terrorist Turned America Destructionist
This 2001 photo (on the left) appeared on the cover of Chicago Magazine showing Ayers standing on America's flag, safely down some alley. This photo vividly explains everything needed to understand everything about this festering putrid diseased puke, and his master, Bill Ayers.

The photo should scream to the world exactly who Barack Obama is.

At the time this photo was taken Obama and Ayers were Directors on the Boards of the $160M Chicago Annenberg Challenge and the $700M Woods Fund. In addition, Obama was Director of the Joyce Foundation. From these three charities Obama funneled nearly $3M to Ayers and his cronies for projects that accomplished no measurable benefit. The proverbial Rat Hole.

Obama was naturally drawn into bed with birds of his feather, extreme marxist reprobates seething in their hatred of capitalism and America.

Every political player in Chicago in 2001, knew exactly who and what Ayers was (and remains).

Obama found a well connected mentor and benefactor in Ayers. Ayers secured the millions in CAC grant, appoints a cooperative stooge in Obama to serve as the straw man Chairman to funnel the funds back to Ayers Small Schools Workshop.

Its called Straw Man money laundering, Chicago invented it, Ayers taught it and Obama perfected it.

We know it today as Solyndra and the $800 billion Stimulus of taxpayer funds that went to Obama's government employee union cronies (by keeping millions of government employee payrolls bloated and feeding Obama's government union cronies, from coast to coast, in exchange for donations to Obama's reelection.)

This is not rocket science.

Like Ayers said: "Guilty as sin, free as a bird, it's a great country". Obama graduated magna cum laude from Ayers graduate school of white collar crime for America terrorists turned America destructionists.
Unretouched version. (We kid, we kid, sort of)
By the time the above photo was shot, August 2001, Bill Ayers, 56, Obama, 39, had worked together for 6 years. 

In 1995, Bill Ayers, then 50, selected Obama, then 33, to be appointed his co-Chairman over his hard-won $49 million grant that Ayers obtained and then used to found the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, CAC. Over the next 6 years, the team of Ayers and Obama raised an additional $60-$110 million for CAC in matching funds.

From 1995 to 2001, as Director, and from 1995-1999 as Chairman of CAC, of the Boards of three major left wing charities, Obama funneled nearly $3 million from CAC, Woods Fund and the Joyce Foundation to Ayers and Ayers' cronies for projects that admittedly accomplished no measurable improvement in Chicago schools.